Virtual Sociocultural Convergence by William Sims Bainbridge

By William Sims Bainbridge

This booklet explores the awesome sociocultural convergence in multiplayer on-line video games and different digital worlds, throughout the unification of laptop technology, social technology, and the arts. The emergence of on-line media presents not just new tools for accumulating social technological know-how facts, but additionally contexts for constructing conception and carrying out schooling within the arts in addition to expertise. significantly, role-playing video games and digital worlds evidently show many classical recommendations approximately human behaviour, in ways in which motivate leading edge pondering. the foundation derives from the the world over shared values built in a fifteen-year sequence of meetings on technology and expertise convergence.

The basic technique is targeted on sending avatars, representing classical social theorists or colleges of inspiration, into on-line gameworlds that harmonize with, or problem, their primary principles, together with technological determinism, city sociology, staff formation, freedom as opposed to keep an eye on, type stratification, linguistic version, practical equivalence throughout cultures, behavioural psychology, civilization cave in, and ethnic pluralism.

Researchers and scholars within the social and behavioural sciences will enjoy the many different examples of the way either qualitative and quantitative technological know-how of tradition and society could be played in on-line groups of many types, while artists and players research types and abilities they might observe of their personal paintings and play.

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Herbert Spencer believed that social and technical evolution followed the same laws as biological evolution, but with the difference that the desire of human beings to improve the conditions of their lives gave technological evolution a teleological quality that natural selection in biology lacked. Spencer argued that on balance each cause in our universe has more than one effect, so all forms of long-term evolution would lead to increasing complexity. For humans that meant an increasing division of labor that harnessed technology in ever more complex ways and on larger and larger scales.

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