Twentieth-Century Sexuality: A History (Family, Sexuality by Angus McLaren

By Angus McLaren

This e-book presents a desirable historical past of sexuality in twentieth-century Europe and North the US. Angus McLaren attracts upon felony, scientific and literary assets to illustrate how glossy sexuality has been formed via race, classification, gender and generational preoccupations.

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My hope is that, in presenting the ways in which sexual boundaries were constructed and contested in the past, this study may play a helpful part in contextualizing the current round of sexual debates. As an historical study, it necessarily refuses to naturalize or universalize either heterosexuality or homosexuality, but seeks to appreciate the ways in which race, class, generation and gender preoccupations constituted what sexuality has meant to Western culture. The amount of geography that this book attempts to cover has worried my friends as much as the number of topics it touches on.

42Young white men were expected to be sexually active while white women had to remain chaste. This wartime preoccupation with race is best understood when located against the backdrop of the racial tensions occasioned by the first stirrings of decolonization and the arrival of a massive wave of African-American migrants in the northern states in the first decades of the twentieth century. The lynchings in the southern United States that took several thousand African-American lives were the most dramatic evidence of such racial fears.

24Less easy to explain were reports that transvestites showed up at enlistment centres in dresses or that bigamists were discovered when more than one wife demanded a man's pension. 25 Soldiers were discovered engaging in every imaginable form of sex from 'circle jerks' and bestiality to rape. 27 Page 14 An American study insisted that homosexuals diminished army moral though some had in fact enlisted to prove their bravery. 28A common ploy of propagandists was to attribute such sexual deviancy to the enemy.

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