Thucydides and Internal War by Jonathan J. Price

By Jonathan J. Price

This ebook explains intimately Thucydides' summary version of inner warfare, after which indicates how, by means of the phrases of the version itself, Thucydides perceived and narrated the Peloponnesian warfare now not as a traditional struggle yet as an inner clash. Viewing the nice struggle as a harmful inner clash had profound outcomes for Thucydides' realizing of this actual warfare and all wars in most cases, and of Greece as an entire.

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В  development towards a fuller realizing of preclassical Greece used to be regular until eventually the Fifties, while a common obstacle in the entire human-centered disciplines erupted. students undertook a major reexamination in their instruments and information, generating new manufacturers of background, geography, anthropology, archaeology, economics, and sociology.

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Beyond Corcyra 33 kind of compromise, does not mean the same thing to everyone. 55 That was in 1964. 56 Nothing in the voluminous literature since then (at least that I have seen) has proven this assessment wrong. Why the di½culty? I do not presume to understand what a small army of researchers has not, but an observation regarding modern methods will be relevant to the current examination of Thucydides' History. The modern study of civil war proceeds, naturally enough, by ®rst gathering examples, then comparing, contrasting and classifying them, and ®nally devising an abstract scheme to describe (and perhaps explain) them.

While some modern sciences rely more on reproducibility and predictability than others (biology and physics vs. geology and astronomy), all assume regular patterns resulting from laws of nature. On ``scienti®c history'' in modern practice, see Evans 1997, 45±74. 24 Cf. now Grmek 1989, 292±5. 25 Cf. also the statement, which sounds so much like Thucydides in thought if not style: ``Everything will be discovered if the researcher is competent and makes his inquiry by starting out from knowledge (eiÈ dwÂv) of the discoveries already made'' (ch.

39 Cf. 2; lately, Ruschenbusch 1978, ch. 3, on which see Lintott 1982, 272±3. The concise remarks of Strauss 1964, 146±8 unravel some of the complexities. 4). War is a su½cient but not a necessary condition for stasis. , as often proposed) in that it disposes men to violent acts which in a peaceful mindset they would never have contemplated. 41 The conditions of war act on healthy societies just as unhealthy air and water contribute to, but do not invariably cause disease in healthy bodies, as the ancients properly understood; it is the premise, for example, of the early Hippocratic work On Airs, Waters, Places.

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