The Tree of Evil by William G. Gray

By William G. Gray

How one can use the symbolism of the Tree of existence to acknowledge and opposite detrimental strength. tips on how to discover the evil in ourselves and rework subconscious negatives into optimistic motion.

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There are obviously only two main issues of this, a best or a worst as may be judged by the rite-worker. These are invoked one after the other in this way. First, the problem or point of the rite is focused into clear consciousness and associated with the central “Here-Now” bottom base between the Pillars. This is carried over to the Black Pillar and the worst issues imagined, visualised, and otherwise dwelt on while the focus of attention travels steadily up the Pillar. As this ascent is made, possibilities should be made worse and worse until the top of the Pillar is reached at a point where nothing can possibly seem more black or dreaded.

Realise that in this world such extremes are most improbable, so halt there and kneel by the end of the staff on the floor. Verbalise: 7. LET THIS SUFFICE TO SHOW THE MOST WE/I HOPE TO KNOW. NOW MAY A MIDDLE LINE LINK US/ME WITH LIGHT DIVINE. Raise self and staff firmly with intention of uniting the individual will with Universal Will. Mean this with all possible purpose. Make this act as deliberate and careful as ability allows. Line up the staff as if it were an ultra-accurate micrometer measure and the difference between total failure or success of everything depended entirely on the delicacy of this action and calculation.

Only the Tree of Life can produce the Inner qualities we need for equating everything into a stable spiritual Cosmic condition by the Middle Pillar connecting us directly with that super-supernal state termed PERFECT PEACE PROFOUND. This amounts to the “redemption” of Mankind into the immortal status of Identity intended originally by our Eternal Initiator. Therefore, in designing any kind of magical rite or practice to incorporate and relate all these factors, we must bear in mind the fundamental pattern of the whole spiritual structure.

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