The Temple and the Lodge: The Strange and Fascinating by Michael Baigent

By Michael Baigent

Coauthors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh recount the occasions that ended in the unusual and surprising disappearance of the Knights Templar within the fourteenth century and their reappearance within the court docket of excommunicate Scottish king Robert the Bruce. Following the survival of sure unforeseen Templar traditions, the authors record the evolution of a world-changing order during the beginning of the Masonic hotel. They chart the heritage of Freemasonry via its medieval roots and into the trendy era.

The ebook posits that the order’s contribution to the fostering of tolerance, innovative values, and harmony in English society aided in preempting a French-style revolution in England; that Freemasonry used to be a vital keystone within the formation of the usa; and that the USA itself is an embodiment of the excellent “Masonic Republic.” This groundbreaking thread of research demanding situations the authorised traditions of Western historical past because it is at present taught. what's the precise resource of our so much valued traditions? 20 years given that its unique ebook, The Temple and the Lodge is still a trenchant and crucial variation to any assortment of Western history.

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So far as their European bases were concerned, the Templars were strongest in France, Spain, Germany, Italy and England. Such holdings as they officially possessed in Scotland were, at least according to readily accessible records, far to the east, in the vicinity of Edinburgh and Aberdeen. There would have been no grounds for supposing an enclave of the Order to have existed in Argyll unless one were specifically looking for it. Thus, it appeared to us, the graves at Kilmartin had preserved their secret from historical researchers of both camps – chroniclers of the Templars and of Freemasonry on the one hand and, on the other, chroniclers of the immediate region, who had no reason even to think of Templars.

Indeed, by its obsessive secrecy and its stubborn defensiveness, it has only reinforced the conviction that it has something to hide. How little it does in fact have to hide will become apparent in the course of this book. If anything, it has more to be proud of than it does to conceal. Prelude Ten years ago, in the spring of 1978, while researching the Knights Templar for a projected television documentary, we became intrigued by the Order’s history in Scotland. The surviving documentation was meagre, but Scotland possessed an even greater wealth of legend and tradition about the Templars than did most other places.

Many were too poor and had to use axes or spears. Nor, for that matter, was there much of an arms industry in Scotland at the time – and particularly in this part of Scotland. Most of the blades then in use in the country had to be imported, which made them all the more costly. Given these facts, the graves at Kilmartin could not have been those of ‘ordinary rank-and-file’ soldiery, the fourteenth-century equivalent of ‘cannon-fodder’. On the contrary, the men commemorated by the stones had to be of some social consequence – well-to-do individuals, affluent gentry, if not full-fledged knights.

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