The Sun My Heart by Thich Nhat Hanh

By Thich Nhat Hanh

During this sequel to The Miracle of Mindfulness, Thich Nhat Hanh attracts on psychology, philosophy, and modern physics to enquire meditation and interdependence. Rooted in Buddhist figuring out, The solar My center is instantaneously an highbrow experience and an concept to perform.

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A kung-an is only a kung-an when it is our own. It must be our own question of life and death-it cannot be apart from our daily life. It must be planted in our flesh and bones; we must be the soil which nourishes it. Only then will its fruit and flowers be our own fruit and flowers. The word "comprehend" is formed by combining two Latin roots: com (together) and prehendere (take, or grasp). To understand means to take something and join together with it. If we only analyze someone from the outside, without becoming one with them, without entering their shoes, their skin, we will never really understand them.

I find that I need surroundings and objects that fit me, that contribute to my happiness, peace, and health. Where are they? " A stream in a forest, the eyes of a child, a dear friend, an excellent book, a concert, a delicious, healthy meal, I know these things are available. But without awareness, I am not fully able to enjoy and appreciate them. Taking Care of the Apple Tree in Your Yard As we sit down next to a stream, we can listen to its laughter and watch its sparkling waters, noticing the pebbles glistening and the fresh green plants nearby, and we may be overcome with happiness.

To try would only be floundering in a void. Then, at unexpected moments, the seeds send shoots up into the intelligence. These moments usually come because the scientist has "hatched" them. He or she has "sat" on the problem while awake, asleep, eating, walking, until suddenly a solution! The new discovery breaks the old knowledge, and the intellect is forced to destroy today's structures to build tomorrow's. " Like those who are awakened, great scientists have undergone great internal changes.

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