The student's Ovid: selections from the Metamorphoses by Ovid

By Ovid

Very best to intermediate to complicated college-level scholars, The Student’s Ovid bargains twenty-one decisions from the Metamorphoses, with notes to help translation and interpretation. The creation comprises an essay on Ovid’s lifestyles and works, an overview of the constitution of the Metamorphoses, and pointers on Latin poetic types and usage.Accompanying every one Latin passage is an creation that gives heritage at the myths and their literary historical past, either in Ovid and in different classical authors. The certain notes on each one choice are designed to aid scholars learn and comprehend the Latin for themselves.Other distinctive gains of this ebook include:· a thesaurus of mythological characters· lists of news grouped by way of subject to aid academics layout classes to fit their scholars’ pursuits· discussions of the fundamental suggestions of classical meter, Latin pronunciation, and accentuation· reference charts at the declension of Greek nouns to help the studying of right names· a opt for bibliography of translations and secondary reports

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The poetic forms do not replace the more common forms but are alternatives to them. 1. The third-declension accusative plural, masculine and feminine, in -is * instead of -es*. Vowel quantity is particularly Page 16 important in this form, so that it can be distinguished from the -is of the genitive singular. Notes attempt to point out the quantity of the vowel when the form may cause problems. 2. Second-declension genitive plural in -um instead of -orum *. This form is especially common in words such as deum (for deorum*) and superum (for superorum*).

Falkner, The College of Wooster Elaine Fantham, Princeton University Nancy Felson-Rubin, University of Georgia Arther Ferrill, University of Washington Helene P. Foley, Barnard College Ronald J. Leprohon, University of Toronto Thomas R. Martin, College of the Holy Cross A. D.  cm.  26) Latin texts with English commentary. Includes bibliographical references.  Mythology, ClassicalPoetry.  Series. 01 21dc21 99-04581 The Student's Ovid: Selections from the "Metamorphoses" is Volume 26 in the Oklahoma Series in Classical Culture.

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