The Seven Mysteries of Life: An Exploration of Science and by Guy Murchie

By Guy Murchie

"All existence in all worlds" -this was once the article of the author's seventeen-year quest for wisdom and discovery, culminating during this booklet. In a way unmistakably his personal, Murchie delves into the interconnectedness of all existence in the world and of such fields as biology, geology, sociology, arithmetic, and physics. He deals us what the poet may possibly Sarton has referred to as "a reliable publication to take to a barren region island as sole better half, so wealthy is it in wisdom and insight."

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The thought of ordinary people and that of all the Buddhas differ completely and cannot be compared. The understanding of ordinary people about innate enlightenment and the actual experience of innate enlightenment by all the Buddhas is as different as heaven and earth. Even the combined talents of the ten saints and three sages does not surpass the Way of all the Buddhas. How can ordinary people who make useless computations even begin to measure such things? Hence, the deep-rooted, mistaken views of ordinary people and non-believers cause many to incorrectly evaluate the environment of all the Buddhas.

The power of the Dharma drowns out all other false or limited teachings]. Learning through practice has existed from the earliest times and is the best way to approach the Buddhist truth. We should have the same determination as [the second Patriarch Eka] who cut off his arm to show his earnest desire [to Bodhidharma]. He finally received the marrow [of Bodhidharma’s teaching] and transmitted his legacy to future generations. ] Our World is defined in relation to the ten quarters of direction. Each direction totally contains the basic existence of all other directions.

Think deeply about one and two. ” This too implies that prior to being cut it was one. Does this mean that one part has transcended Buddhahood? Shosho spoke of “two parts,” but don’t accept this expression blindly. It is true to say that both parts were originally one, but is there only the one total existence. ” Here “move” is the simultaneous action of samadhi and wisdom. ” Consider this very carefully. “[It] continues to move in both parts" can mean one of two things: (1) Because there is movement there is no Buddhanature; or (2) because there is movement there is Buddha-nature, but in which movement is it?

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