The Savage Nation: Saving America from the Liberal Assault by Thomas Nelson

By Thomas Nelson

Michael Savage assaults large executive and liberal media bias. The son of immigrants, Savage indicates how conventional American freedoms are being destroyed from the surface and undermined from within-not simply our personal executive, but in addition from alien forces inside of our personal society. Savage argues that if the cost of liberty is everlasting vigilance, then just a extra ''savage nation'' will take pleasure in those liberties. Savage's excessive scores and the swift progress of his application turn out he's involved with the troubles of the common American.

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Still, the peacenik movement has gone into high gear, having received their marching orders from Commu-Nazi Central Command. You should know that the "peace movement" is nothing but a collaborationist movement and, like the Rats they are, they're weakening the resolve of our troops, they're undermining the public confidence in the war effort, and they should be detained for investigation of sedition. These protesters all have one line. They're all saying that war does not bring peace. These programmed sheeple say, "While we have great sympathy for the tragedy of September 11, additional deaths will not bring peace.

You can have sex in public. You can masturbate in public. You can cross-dress in public. You can rub against a sheep in public. But you can't pray in public. Prayer is disgusting! How dare you exhibit such a blatant disregard for Karl Marx. In effect, the liberal says, "If you want to go into a parade and dress up with whips and chains and beat each other up - fine! I've no problem with that. It's your business. It's your choice. " That's how far we've fallen. When it comes to the National Day of Prayer, I would really like to understand - from the liberal viewpoint - why we shouldn't have it.

Suddenly because Feinstein says so, George Bush has to run his plans under her nose? What does she think we're doing? Fighting a war by committee? Bush is doing the right thing to hold his cards close to the vest. Had Mr. Bush gone along with Feinstein's request, you can be sure Barbara "Babs" Boxer would demand to be in the loop - in the interest of fairness. I guarantee it, two seconds after Babs put her hands on these national secrets, she'd be on a cell phone to someone in Brooklyn: You know what I just heard.

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