The Rationality of Theism by Paul Copan

By Paul Copan

The Rationality of Theism is a debatable choice of fresh papers via 13 notable philosophers and students. Its goal is to provide entire theistic replies to the normal arguments opposed to the life of God, providing a favorable case for theism in addition to rebuttals of contemporary influential criticisms of theism.

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Non-snappily, the point is that a sentence must have the potentiality for being used to make statements that are verifiable or falsifiable in order to be factually meaningful. By switching the semantic status to a potentiality for making statements that are verifiable or falsifiable, we allow for sentences that have this status to be usable for making many different statements that vary in their truthvalues. The verifiability criterion will then read: (a) 3 4 A sentence is cognitively meaningful only if the statements it can be (standardly) used to make are, in principle, empirically verifiable or falsifiable.

So at least that part of the theology is disconfirmed if this never happens. This does not put us in an ideal position to carry out a test, for no date is specified, not even a “no later than ___” specification. This puts a crimp in the possibility of a conclusive falsification, which is not required anyway in the weaker form of the criterion with which we are working. ” This goes significantly beyond no possible empirical evidence at all. There are many other possibilities for bringing empirical evidence to bear on Christian doctrine involving God, although they all stop short of a possibility of conclusive verification and falsification in the same way.

And this is especially incredible in the light of what we have seen to be the absence of any strong reasons for denying the factual meaningfulness of such sentences. The same sort of point could be made by attending to those for whom such statements express firm beliefs confidently held. It is typical for such people to orient their lives around these convictions. Their sense of their place in the world, of the purpose of their lives, their priorities for the disposition of their time and energies, what they take to be the ultimate fulfillment at which they aim, is intimately tied up with what they take to be their relationship with God in the light of what they believe to be the case about God, His purposes, His activities, His program for our lives, and His promises to them.

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