The Philosophy of Play by Emily Ryall, Wendy Russell, Malcolm MacLean

By Emily Ryall, Wendy Russell, Malcolm MacLean

Play is an important part of the social lifestyles and healthiness of either teenagers and adults. This e-book examines the idea that of play and considers a number of the similar philosophical concerns. it's also meta-analyses from quite a number philosophers and theorists, in addition to an exploration of a few key utilized moral issues.

The major aim of The Philosophy of Play is to supply a richer knowing of the idea that and nature of play and its relation to human existence and values, and to construct disciplinary and paradigmatic bridges among students of philosophy and students of play. together with particular chapters devoted to youngsters and play, and exploring the paintings of key thinkers reminiscent of Plato, Sartre, Wittgenstein, Gadamer, Deleuze and Nietzsche, this publication is precious studying for any complex scholar, researcher or practitioner with an curiosity in schooling, playwork, relaxation reports, utilized ethics or the philosophy of sport.

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The stronger version of this criticism comes from Alfie Kohn, who insists that any desire to win, not simply an overarching compulsion, disqualifies an activity from being play. For Kohn, play and competition are incompatible. Since sport, by its very nature, involves competition, sport and play are incompatible. Because play involves the familiar idea of choosing an activity for its own sake, play can have ‘no goal other than itself ’ (1992: 81). Competition is rule-governed, often extrinsically motivated (by the desire for social approval), and is goal-oriented (a product orientation), rather than being a ‘process orientation’.

Just as women made new inroads into work, culture, politics and academics starting in the 1960s, so also are children now beginning to be included as contributors towards scholarly research and conferences, children’s parliaments, policy making, and other areas from which they were previously excluded (Percy-Smith and Thomas 2010). Children should not just be adult objects but also social and scholarly subjects. As Pia Haudrup Christensen puts it, childhood studies should adopt a ‘dialogical approach’ involving ‘a shift toward engaging with children’s own cultures of communication’ (Christensen 2004: 174).

It is also unclear what sort of argument is offered for the view that autotelicity is necessary and sufficient for play, other than the claim that it is just obvious in paradigm cases. If the argument is ultimately a phenomenological one, the phenomena require a more nuanced and thicker description. This line of argument leads to questions about mixed motives. Suits also seems to think it’s obvious that when professional athletes are playing games, they aren’t really engaged in play because they are being paid.

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