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The argument to \htmlimage need not be empty, but may contain information which is used to a ect characteristics of the resulting image. 4. Scale-factors for Mathematics. When an image is to be made of a mathematical for- mula or expression, it is generally made at a larger size than is normally required on a printed page. This is to compensate for the reduced resolution of a computer screen compared with laser-print. config. A further variable $DISP SCALE FACTOR is used with `displayed math' equations and formulas.

Begin{equation} \htmlimage{no_antialias} \Phi_{l+1,m,n} = \Bigl(\Phi+h\frac{\partial\Phi}{\partial x} + ... \end{equation} % \begin{eqnarray} \htmlimage{} \frac{\Phi_{l+1,m,n}-2\Phi_{l,m,n}+\Phi_{l-1,m,n}}{h^{2}} + ... \end{eqnarray} Further aspects of the options available when generating images are discussed in the next section, in particular with regard to the quality of printed images. The \mbox command. Another way to force an image to be created of a mathematical expression, when global settings are not such as to do this anyway, is via the \mbox command having math delimiters within its argument.

This is frequently exactly what is required but not always. sty package, to determine just which parts (if any) of a gure environment's contents should be made into images, the remainder being treated as ordinary text, etc. table and tabular environments. Similarly the makeimage environment can be used within a table, though usually this is used with a tabular or other table-making environment, such as tabbing or longtable or supertabular. Here is a simple example, from the LATEX `blue book' . 2.

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