The Jungle (Webster's Korean Thesaurus Edition) by Upton Sinclair

By Upton Sinclair

This version is written in English. although, there's a working Korean glossary on the backside of every web page for the tougher English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are various versions of The Jungle. This variation will be worthwhile if you want

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Cog: 속임수, 부정 수단을 쓰다, 큰 조직 안에서 일하는 사람, 이, 사기, 장부, 장부로 잇다, 속이다, 톱니바퀴, 실수하다, 부정. horseback: 말의 등, 말등, 말을 타고. inspect: 검열하다, 사열하다, 시찰하다, 점검하다, 면밀하게 살피다, 조사하다, 검사하다. marvelous: 훌륭한, 놀라운, 괴이쩍은, 불가사이한, 이상한. milch: 젖이 나는, 젖 나는. nod: 끄덕이다, 졸다, 방심하다, 나부끼다, 깜빡 실수하다, 흔들림, 으로 쏠림, 기울다, 졸기, 잠들다, 인사하다. parley: 협의, 상의, 교섭, 담판, 담판하다, 말하다, 특히 외국어를 말하다, 협상. sharer: 공유참여하는 사람, 받는 사람. stairway: 계단, 충계. weigh: 무거운 짐이 되다, 무게를 달다, 닻을 올리다, 울리다, 말을 음미하다, 몸무게를 달다, 손으로 무게를 헤아리다, 숙고하다, 압박하다, 잘 생각하다, 존중되다. whips: 다량, 다수의. " There were two hundred and fifty miles of track within the yards, their guide went on to tell them.

It was all highly specialized labor, each man having his task to do; generally this would consist of only two or three specific cuts, and he would pass down the line of fifteen or twenty carcasses, making these cuts upon each. First there came the "butcher," to bleed them; this meant one swift stroke, so swift that you could not see it—only the flash of the knife; and before you could realize it, the man had darted on to the next line, and a stream of bright red was pouring out upon the floor. This floor was half an inch deep with blood, in spite of the best efforts of men who kept shoveling it through holes; it must have made the floor slippery, but no one could have guessed this by watching the men at work.

Jurgis was confident of his ability to get work for himself, unassisted by any one. As we have said before, he was not mistaken in this. He had gone to Brown's and stood there not more than half an hour before one of the bosses noticed his form towering above the rest, and signaled to him. " (Signals and gesticulations on the part of the boss. ) Korean ability: 능력, 재능, 수완, 유자격. 필연적인사물, 객관적 확실성, 확실한 agreed: 동의하여, 일치한, 협정한. 일. boss: 두목, 감독, 사마귀, 보스, 둥근 colloquy: 담화, 회화, 대화, 회담, 돌기, 감독하다, 우두머리가되다, 자유토의, 정식의 담화.

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