The Intelligent Mind: On the Genesis and Constitution of by Richard Dien Winfield

By Richard Dien Winfield

The clever Mind investigates the mental emergence and fact of language and notion, whose comprehension is barred by way of the present dogmas of mind/body dualism, of the relief of brain to awareness, and of the id of cognizance with discursive know-how. Repudiating those dogmas, The clever Mind indicates how minds that don't but communicate or imagine can generate and obtain discursive rationality. Overcoming the secret of the starting place and studying of language, this publication explores how the advance of language diverges from the improvement of pondering, regardless of the dependence of idea upon linguistic intelligence. Drawing upon Hegel and a variety of newer philosophical, in addition to mental and linguistic, study, The clever Mind explains how semiotic mind's eye and grammar allow brain to enhance from imagery to imageless techniques. even supposing this leaves pondering wanting language to go beyond figurative illustration, it's proven how the protean generative personality of language permits regarded as independent and to theorize really approximately itself.

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4 Even just describing the intuited manifold is a problem for intuiting intelligence. Intuition, like feeling and sensation, has an inchoate totality 24 The Intelligent Mind resistant to any discursive explication. Whereas words can never capture all the detail of an image, the challenge is even greater with intuitions, which have yet to undergo the abstractive reductions that representation performs by detaching intuited content from its immediate here and now and re-presenting it as an image.

For this reason, all the sense modalities can serve consciousness in sensing objectivity and serve intelligence in intuiting the world. The content of intuition, deriving from the full breadth of feeling and sensation, reflects the biosphere, species being, unique genetic endowment, personal history, and mental cultivation pertaining to the individual mind in its entire living embodiment. This does not mean, of course, that intuition is sufficient to comprehend these different factors underlying the intuited manifold, any more than sense-certainty enables consciousness to apprehend adequately what it senses to be.

Or individuals may possess only intuitions or just intuitions and representations due to impairments of their normal species being and maturation potential. Whatever the case, representation will always be accompanied by intuition, just as thought will always be accompanied by intuition and representation. In order to confirm these relationships and the differentiation they involve, it is necessary to account for the different way stations in the development of intelligence, making sure that each shape has had all its psychological conditions provided for in the antecedent development.

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