The Influence of John Ruskin on the Teaching of Drawing in by Claudio Silveira Amaral

By Claudio Silveira Amaral

Examines Ruskin's architectural, political and philosophical perspectives as a made from his inner good judgment. this article additionally examines the impact of that common sense on Brazil's industrialization efforts within the overdue nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

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Vitruvius. 7l) 20 Painting Whenever Ruskin deals with composition, he uses religious metaphors in which composition is related to Christian ethics. However, in order to understand this concept. its definition when applied to painting will initially be used. Ruskin associated the notion of composition in painting to his notion of composition in nature, which, in turn, was associated to religious ethics, which then became composition in architecture, as will be seen later. 32 He says that there is an aesthetic in the elements that compose the painting, the result of a kind of relationship that leads to equilibrium.

I, p. 158. 30 The notion of first sight is linked to categories of metaphysical forces. This notion is something like the capture of the spirit of the material or its character. This spirit is apprehended by the spectator's sense of vision at the exact moment he sees the object for the :first time. This impression also bas associations of various subjects, which appear in the spectator's memory as soon as he sees an object, a sort of intuition. This way of dealing with the process of perception and, thus, conceiving its function, makes evident the existence of a privileged sensation at the origin, caused by the first sight, which would provide a very imprecise notion of a whole.

From the notion of material in corelation to the notion of spirit, Ruskin elaborated the notion of form, in which drawing and morals, that is, the drawing of a moral, are central elements. For Ruskin seeing is feeling a moral, which means feeling an essence, a truth. When relating truth to aesthetics he states that not every truth is beautiful, since beauty is the result of a relationship in which the result is not always harmonious. Beauty appears only when the truth of an element has a 33 Ruskin, J.

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