The Holy Intimacy of Strangers by Sarah York

By Sarah York

Within the Holy Intimacy of Strangers Sarah York explores our universal longing for deeper and extra significant reference to each other. The booklet offers the anomaly we frequently detect: how our doubtless informal interactions with strangers can free up the door to our hearts and aid us notice how we'd like (and but frequently withstand) real intimacy in our relations. This provocative booklet provides us a brand new technique to examine the traits of our exchanges with strangers. after we commence this trip we will hint the outlines of our lives jointly in community-our expressions of being concerned and hospitality, the prices of prejudice and judgment, our fears and defensiveness, the stress among being inclusive or particular, our expectancies and assumptions approximately each other.

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The commitment is not the kind we may make to our family or friends or close neighbors; nor is it the same kind of loyalty we feel for people at work or in a religious community. Chap 2 7/14/02 10:16 AM Page 32 they matter. Just as I touched the life of a little old man, so Norma touched my life, and the lives of the children she escorted across the street. Dramatic? No. It is a subtle connection. But God is in the details, and in the daily human interaction we have with strangers. It is as if, in our bonds with strangers, we have an unspoken covenant to care for one another as fellow human beings.

Consider, for instance, exchanges that take place in the bank or the grocery store. I often choose to make a bank deposit using the drivethrough option. But even if I am parked twenty feet away from the teller, with several layers of glass, post, and vacuum-thrust equipment between us, I appreciate the friendly greeting I receive from the face behind the glass. I may not even see the smile, but I know it is there. Chap 2 7/14/02 10:16 AM Page 46 can hear it in her electronically garbled voice. I need that.

It became apparent that any measures taken by the medical team would only prolong my father’s illness and require that he remain in the hospital for an extended time. I asked the doctor to inform him of the situation and of his options. Knowing how much my father dreaded suffering through a long terminal illness, I knew he would not choose to go on dialysis. I went into his hospital room after the conference with the doctor. “I guess you just got some bad news,” I said. ” His worst fear had been assuaged.

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