The History of Initiation in Twelve Lectures, Comprising a by George Oliver

By George Oliver

In contrast to another reproductions of vintage texts (1) we haven't used OCR(Optical personality Recognition), as this ends up in undesirable caliber books with brought typos. (2) In books the place there are pictures reminiscent of graphics, maps, sketches and so on now we have endeavoured to maintain the standard of those photos, so that they signify correctly the unique artefact. even if sometimes there is sure imperfections with those previous texts, we believe they should be made on hand for destiny generations to get pleasure from.

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Vol. , p. ) The cow was a sacred animal. other nations. was committed to the Ganges, A 5)1 HISTORY OF INITIATION 32 and godhead; the management of the and the holy rites of morning, noon, He was then clothed in a linen garment trinity of the consecrated fire, and evening. 35 without seam 36 a cord was put over his right ear as a of purification, and he was placed under the exclusive care of a Brahmin, who was thence termed his in the necessary qualifispiritual guide, to be instructed He was inured to hardcations for the Second Degree.

Vi, c. 16. inviolable oath of J"upiter, by Styx, was referred to in the thought by Mr. Faber to bear a reference to the oath of God, at the Deluge, that he would no more drown the world ; "for which reason, Iris, the rainbow, the daughter of Thaumas, is represented by Hesiod as hovering over the broad surface of the ocean, when this oath of Jupiter was taken. Now that such a phenomenon appeared immediately after the Deluge, we are expressly informed by Moses; and it is observable, moreover, that it was made a special Vid.

P. 344. , Fab. 32. Mai. North. , vol. ii. 31 The Mysteries, in all their forms, were funereal. They celebrated the mystical death and revivification of some individual, by the use of emblems at once impious and disgusting. David accuses the Israelites of this abominable practice in Psalm cvi. (v. ) and ate the sacrifices of the dead. " 2 Vid. Ovid. , 1. i. 33 Apollon. , 1. i. Ophion was no other than the infernal Serpent, the equal foe of God and man. INTRODUCTION. 13 of solitude and darkness, and here in safety he heard the dissolution of the world, the rush of waters, the dismemberment of rocks and mountains, the bitter cries and shrieks of despairing sinners in the agonies of remorse like Noah, he passed unhurt through the and death 34 purifying element j and being thus regenerated, like the diluvian patriarch, he emerged into a new life of purity and perfection, 35 and rejoiced in the distinction which, he ; was taught to believe, his piety had conferred.

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