The Deities Are Many: A Polytheistic Theology by Jordan D. Paper

By Jordan D. Paper

The Deities Are Many is a full of life and discovered advent to polytheism. Drawing from either his scholarly examine and his own event, writer Jordan Paper is the perfect consultant into this milieu. Paper was once interested in polytheism via his love of nature, seeing it as a resource of the divine. during this booklet he makes a speciality of chinese language and local American spiritual traditions, in addition to West African, African-Brazilian, Hindu, Polynesian, and circum-Polar traditions, to explain the theology of polytheism. The e-book presents a topology of polytheistic deities, concentrating on the cosmic couple, Father Sky and mom Earth; animal, plant, and mineral deities; ancestral spirits; divine ghosts; and tradition heroes and tricksters. Paper additionally indicates how monotheists misunderstand polytheism and offers a polytheist standpoint on what it ability to be human whilst the "deities are many." it is a attention-grabbing, illuminating e-book, specifically for these raised in monotheistic societies.

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The more gentle black bear, who can still kill with one swipe of her paw, is particularly known for healing power. Still one may have a relationship with the male essence of the deity, which is more warrior 44 THE DEITIES ARE MANY ________________________________ oriented, than the female essence, which is more oriented toward healing in manifold ways. Because Bear hibernates in dens, She is seen to be particularly linked with Earth. The female comes out of Earth in the spring with new life, her cubs.

The sword is treated with the greatest reverence because it has a kami nature; that is, it is itself sacred. In China, for the first two millennia of its civilization, cast bronze ritual vessels were its most sacred paraphernalia, buried with rulers and a repository for the sacred oaths cast onto the surface of their interior. In the Great Lakes region of North America, as far back as several thousand years ago, copper was understood to be the bones of an extremely powerful and dangerous underwater deity.

On the day of the sacrifice, complex rituals take place, but the offerings are made by the emperor himself, Simultaneously, in the palace, the empress carries out identical rituals, for, following Chinese custom, the male carries out the rituals outside of the residence, and the female, inside, indicating the original warrior aspect of the sociopolitical roles. Western writings on these rituals not only ignore the offerings to Earth, but the empress’s ritual roles as well—female sacrality, save for virgin females, is inconceivable in the monotheistic traditions.

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