The Chocolate Cake Sutra: Ingredients for a Sweet Life by Geri Larkin

By Geri Larkin

Chock jam-packed with relocating and enlightening tales, The Chocolate Cake Sutra may help you enable pass of perfectionism and rejoice the sacred nature of the lifestyles you have already got.

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It mattered to me that people coming to the temple identify with the teachings and not with a specific teacher. Plus, Koho Vince Anila, my longtime friend and dharma brother, was ready for me to step aside so he could take over. Moving into his thirties, he has the youth, smarts, courage, and spiritual energy that Detroit needs. Throughout my tenure I expected to move back to Ann Arbor from Detroit. That way I would still be within driving distance of Still Point if they needed me or I needed them.

Took the sweatshirt off. Handed it to him. Walked away waiting for the tears to come. Instead I felt elated. Thrilled, even. Happy for both of us. That’s what generosity does, the real kind. And, okay, I miss it sometimes, but giving it away was the right thing to do. A few weeks later when I saw him without it he told me someone had stolen it. “My favorite thing in the whole world,” he said. We just looked at each other and started laughing. ••• Genuine giving feeds joyfulness. The more generosity, the greater joy.

Her parents took her to church regularly, and after her mother died when she was four years old, she was raised by older sisters who were all headed for nunneries. Thérèse was immersed in and comforted by the Catholic Church. On her daily walks with her father they visited churches. Often her father would also give her money to give to the poor people they met along the way. 19 20 T H E C H O C O L AT E C A K E S U T R A Life wasn’t easy for Thérèse. Not only did she lose her mother when she was small, but she was also abandoned by her big sisters as they headed off one by one to become Carmelite nuns.

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