The Branch Davidians of Waco: The History and Beliefs of an by Kenneth G. C. Newport

By Kenneth G. C. Newport

What have been the ideals of the department Davidians? this can be the 1st complete scholarly account in their background. Kenneth G. C. Newport argues that, faraway from being an act of unfathomable spiritual madness, the calamitous fireplace at Waco in 1993 was once the end result of a protracted theological and historic culture that is going again many many years. The department Davidians less than David Koresh have been an eschatologically convinced group that had lengthy anticipated that the yank govt, whom they pointed out because the Lamb-like Beast of the booklet of Revelation, could sooner or later arrive to hunt to smash God's remnant humans. the result, the fireplace, has to be obvious during this context.

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73 Treating the incident as a hostage situation was a signiWcant error of judgement on the part of the authorities; it did not allow adequately for the kind of group dynamics operative inside Mt. Carmel or the extent to which this group was fully cohesive (especially after the weaker members were sent out in the days following the initial raid). 74 This book gives a full account of the Davidians and Branch Davidians, including a substantial and documented history of the movement from its beginnings in 1844 to the present day.

DF 367-b 30). 57. Dennis Hokama, ‘Koresh and Ellen White’, Adventism Today, May–June 1993. 58. , ‘The Ghost from Adventism’s Past: Vernon Howell and the LA/SDA Connection’, unpublished MS, March, 1993). Copies of both are located in TXC, Mark Swett Collection, folder Hokama. 59. Colin Standish, ‘Lessons from Waco’, Our Firm Foundation, June 1993, 5–6. 60. Adventist Review, 18 Mar. 1993, 7. 61. Ibid. 62. See further Lawson, ‘Responses’, 331–2. 63. Spectrum: The Journal of the Association of Adventist Forums, 23/1 (May 1993).

Unfortunately, however, Haus and Hamblin provide no real evidence to back up their assertions, and the presence in the book of a number of factual errors rather weakens one’s conWdence in the judgements to which they come. This is not a particularly scholarly volume and the level of research it contains is below what one would expect of an academic monograph. In fact it would not have come under scrutiny here had other more substantial material existed. Such material might have been written by those in the Church whom one might reasonably expect to take on the task of addressing the question that Haus and Hamblin have properly identiWed: just why were so many Seventh-day Adventists among the dead at Waco?

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