The acts of our being: a reflection on agency and by Edward Pols

By Edward Pols

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The longer is the one embarked on in the next chapter. It deals with the metaphysical conditions of responsible rational actionthat is, with what features the rational agent and the nature of things of which it is part must have if the rational agent is authentically what its prima facie nature lays claim to being. And for this task we need no more than a faithful adherence, I will not say to the concept of the rational agent, but to what the prima facie rational agent is concretely experienced and known to be, in an equally prima facie sense of "experience" and "know," as we ourselves carry out what purport to be our own rational acts.

The old-fashioned expression "authentic reality" is deliberate: it expresses the claim that the concrete grasp of the world within which the most abstract proceedings of science go on does not in principle miss what is the case. The linking of experience, or awareness, on the one hand and its expression in language on the other is equally deliberate. It is a way of calling attention to a mode of knowledge that, although not theoretical-empirical in the sense in which science is, has nonetheless both a theoretical (more properly rational) and an empirical component.

The identity theory in its pure form is almost always directed towards the mind-body problem. Its extension to action, as noted before, is natural enough. One would suppose that such an extension would so insist that action is not something distinct from the physical that the question of an appearance-status would not arise at all. Nonetheless it does; Danto's position, for instance, fails of being a physicalist identity theory only because he takes the phenomenology of action into consideration.

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