Tetrabiblos by Claudius Ptolemy

By Claudius Ptolemy

The Tetrabiblos of the recognized astronomer and geographer Claudius Ptolemaeus (ca. 100–178 CE) of Egypt comprises 4 books, the name given in a few manuscripts which means 'Mathematical Treatise in 4 Books', in others 'The Prognostics addressed to Syrus'. the topic is astrology, which in Ptolemy's time as right down to the Renaissance used to be fused as a good technological know-how with astronomy. Translations and commentaries are few, and simply 3 Greek texts were revealed (all within the sixteenth century) ahead of the current one and the single started by means of F. Boll and entire by way of Emilie Boer in 1940.

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Now that we have described the procedure of prediction about the general states of countries and cities, it would remain to mention matters of greater detail; I refer to events that happen yearly in connection with the seasons. In the investigation of this subject it would be appropriate first to define the so called new moon of the year. That this should properly be the beginning of the sun's circular course in each of his revolutions is plain from the thing itself, both from its power and from its name.

In terms of whole nations these parts consist of Britain, (Transalpine) Gaul, Germany, Bastarnia, Italy, (Cisalpine) Gaul, Apulia, Sicily, Tyrrhenia, Celtica, and Spain. As One might expect, it is the general characteristic of these nations, by reason of the predominance of the triangle and the stars which join in its government, to be independent, liberty-loving, fond of arms, industrious, very warlike, with qualities of leadership, cleanly, and magnanimous. However, because of the occidental aspect of Jupiter and Mars, and furthermore because the first parts of the aforesaid triangle are masculine and the latter parts feminine, they are without passion for women and look down upon the pleasures of love, but are better satisfied with and more desirous of association with men.

We shall begin with the characteristic active powers of the planets, one by one, first, however, making this general observation, as a summary reminder, that in general whenever we speak of any temperament of the five planets one must understand that whatever produces the like nature is also meant, whether it be the planet itself in its own proper condition, or one of the fixed stars, or one of the signs of the zodiac, considered with reference to the temperament proper to it, just as though the characterizations were applied to the natures or the qualities themselves and not to the planets; and let us remember that in the combinations, again, we must consider not only the mixture of the planets one with another, but also their combination with the others that share in the same nature; whether they be fixed stars or signs of the zodiac, by virtue of their affinities with the planets, already set forth.

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