Tendon transfer for irreparable cuff tear (Collection GECO) by Philippe Valenti

By Philippe Valenti

Therapy of symptomatic irreparable cuff tear is uncommon, yet represents a tough problem for the general practitioner. Tendon move from periscapular muscle groups team is a healing alternative. Many tendon transfers are pronounced as latissimus dorsi, teres significant, break up of anterior deltoid and pectoralis significant. The objective of this booklet is to remind the biomechanical and anatomical foundation of those tendon transfers and to document information and tips and result of those suggestions. A therapy set of rules is proposed in sufferers who've either discomfort and weak point or have lack of lively ahead elevation or exterior rotation. furthermore, tendon move should be mixed with opposite shoulder prosthesis in sufferers with an risky gleno humeral arthritis.

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22 Tendon transfer for irreparable cuff tear Fig. ) at the level of the footprint between the area of insertion of supraspinatus and infraspinatus tendon. (Third illustration by courtesy of the Dr Bertrand Bordet, Clinique du Parc, Lyon, France). The tendon is then introduced into the osseous tunnel with the help of suture threads attached earlier. The transfer is fixed in the position of maximum tension with arm abduction of 60° and in neutral rotation. ). This device allows solid fixation with maximum tension on the transfer tendon which is in our view a key factor of success.

The aim of this retrospective study was to assess the results of the proposed technique as well as a first-line treatment and as a second option after failure of previous surgery in irreparable ruptures of the rotator cuff. Materials and methods This is a retrospective, monocentric study, covering 25 consecutive patients with massive irreparable rotator cuff rupture treated with an isolated transfer of the latissimus dorsi with a minimum follow-up of 1 year. The indication P. Valenti, Tendon transfer for irreparable cuff tear © Springer-Verlag France, Paris 2011 26 Tendon transfer for irreparable cuff tear was a painful shoulder associated with a limitation of active anterior elevation (AAE) of 90° and a significant loss of strength.

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