Strokes of Genius 4: The Best Drawing: Exploring Line by Rachel Rubin Wolf

By Rachel Rubin Wolf

Artwork, thought and insights from a hundred+ modern day masters!

Line is arguably the main basic and direct point in paintings, and in addition the main expressive--as own as handwriting. Strokes of Genius four explores the creative linework of greater than a hundred modern masters. those artists inform the tales in their assorted topics via powerful verticals and sweeping diagonals, fast staccatos and unfastened, sensuous strokes. Captions percentage insights on how they use line to steer the attention, create circulate, exhibit personality, and upload intensity, drama and texture.

Inside you'll find:

Art and proposal from greater than a hundred of today's top artists

140 masterful items in charcoal, pencil, pastel, pen and more

Diverse subject material: pix, landscapes, nonetheless existence, figures and animals

Styles starting from minimalism to photorealism

From quickly sketches to complete rendered art, Strokes of Genius four bargains clean rules and designated views to gasoline artists in any medium.

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