Secrets to Drawing Realistic Faces by Carrie Stuart Parks

By Carrie Stuart Parks

Draw amazingly exact photos beginning today!
Even if you're an absolute newbie, you could render strikingly reasonable faces and self-portraits! teacher and FBI-trained artist Carrie Stuart Parks makes it uncomplicated with foolproof step by step directions which are enjoyable and simple to stick to. You'll speedy start to:

Master proportions and map facial expression accurately
Study shapes inside a composition and draw them realistically
Use price, mild and shading so as to add existence and intensity to any portrait
Render tough info, together with eyes, noses, mouths and hair
Proven, hands-on workouts and before-and-after examples from Parks' scholars verify quick good fortune! It's the entire suggestions and notion you want to draw life like faces with precision, self assurance and elegance!

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Here you see some of those sketches, beginning at left with the one of a common crane. I was working so fast with live birds that I unconsciously began to omit detail altogether. That was the turning point. I focused only on capturing a simple likeness of the species with linework contours and very quick, scumbled blacks. It was like magic to me; I was suddenly able to rapidly draw a simple visual of a live creature with relative ease. I was amazed to discover that I could create sketches of very tiny birds, like the bee-eater shown on the right, as well as six-foot-tall storks.

This is an extremely easy visual effect to create, if you learn how to control your pencil pressures. As you sketch one subject it's a good habit to make small, quick studies of other details that catch your eye. These help tell a story. They remind you of things and add interest. You never know when a tiny detail sketch will spark a grander idea. More than 50 percent of these sketches were done with the blending tool itself. It's the subtle gray tones made with this tool that establish the mood.

Use your camera to back up your ideas. The most creative work you do is with a pencil, not a camera. It's not that you shouldn't use a camera, but you must use it correctly. Sketching is the closest thing to perception—there's only you and your subject. When relying exclusively upon the camera, you miss the opportunity to explore your subject in the present moment. Explore the world with a pencil, then back it up with a slide or photographic print. Once you're back in your studio, you'll have everything you need to maximize your creative visualization.

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