Scriptores Historiae Augustae, Volume II (Loeb Classical by David Magie

By David Magie

The Scriptores Historiae Augustae, or Historia Augusta, is a set of biographies of Roman emperors, heirs, and claimants from Hadrian to Numerianus (117– 284 CE). The paintings, that is modeled on Suetonius, purports to be written by way of six diversified authors and prices records and public files widely. because we own no non-stop account of the emperors of the second one and 3rd centuries, the Historia Augusta has obviously attracted willing consciousness. within the final century it has additionally generated the gravest suspicions. current opinion holds that the entire is the paintings of a unmarried writer (who lived during Theodosius) and comprises a lot that's plagiarism or even downright forgery. The Loeb Classical Library variation of the Historia Augusta is in 3 volumes.

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15 ANTONINUS CARACALLA 2 bus, fecit, inde Alexandriam petiit, in populum convocavit eumque obiurgavit 3 validos ad militiam eos praecepit. gymnasium ; legi etiam autem quos exemplo Ptolemaei Euergetis qui dato praeterea octavus hoc nomine appellatus est. legerat occidit signo militibus, ut hospites suos occiderent, caedem Alexandriae 4 magnam fecit. Dehinc per Cadusios et Babylonios ingressus tumultuarie cum Parthorum satrapis manum contulit, 6 feris etiam bestiis in hostes inmissis. datis ad senatum quasi post victoriam litteris Parthicus appellatus est ; nam Germanici nornen patre vivo fuerat consecutus.

Qui cum filio factus in castris imperator filium suum, ; Diadumenus vocabatur, Antoninum vocavit, idcirco quod a praetorianis multum Antoninus desider- qui atus est. IX. Bassianus vixit annis quadraginta tribus. im filium 2 peravit annis sex. publico funere elatus est. reliquit, qui postea et ipse Marcus Antoninus Helioita enim nomen Antoninorum gabalus dictus est inoleverat, ut velli ex aiiimis hominum non posset, quod omnium pectora velut Augusti nomen obsederat. ; 1 illud 2 Petschenig, Peter Erasmus 1 ; aliud dicentem P.

Xvii. 3. , 211, Caracalla and Geta patched up a peace with the rebels and returned to Borne, where they arrived in May. The t , ANTONINUS CARACALLA I. 6 II. 4 Once, when a child of seven, hearing that a certain playmate of his had been severely scourged for adopting the religion of the Jews, he long refused to look at either the boy's father or his own, because he regarded them as responsible for the scourging. It was at his plea, moreover, that their ancient rights were restored to the citizens of Antioch and Byzantium, with whom Severus had become angry because they had 1 He conceived a hatred for given aid to Niger.

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