Science and the Trinity: The Christian Encounter with by John Polkinghorne

By John Polkinghorne

Most usually, the discussion among faith and technological know-how is initiated by means of the discoveries of recent science—big bang cosmology, evolution, or quantum idea, for instance. during this publication, scientist-theologian John Polkinghorne alterations the dialogue. He methods the discussion from a little-explored viewpoint during which theology shapes the argument and units the time table of inquiries to be considered.
The writer starts with a evaluation of methods to technology and faith during which the category makes a speciality of theological content material instead of on methodological procedure. He then proceeds with chapters discussing the function of Scripture, a theology of nature, the doctrine of God, sacramental theology, and eschatology. all through, Polkinghorne takes the point of view of Trinitarian pondering whereas arguing in a mode that displays the impression of his profession as a theoretical physicist. within the ultimate bankruptcy, the writer defends the appropriateness of addressing problems with technological know-how and faith from the explicit point of view of his Christian trust. His publication offers a huge version for theologians and scientists alike, exhibiting how their fields can tell each other in major ways.

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Polkinghorne, Faith, Science and Understanding, SPCK/Yale University Press, 2000, pp. 173–85. 14 11:19 35 7093 Polkinghorne / SCIENCE AND THE TRINITY / sheet 54 of 202 THE ROLE OF SCRIPTURE the dead to an unending new life of glory. Those who refuse altogether to countenance the possibility that this might be so are condemning themselvess to a Humean dismissal of anything that suggests a happening out of the ordinary. They also force themselve to take up a position that makes the phenomenal and persistent influence of Jesus, and indeed the very existence of the New Testament writings themselves, inexplicable facts.

28. Davies, The Mind of God, p. 232. 14 11:19 14 7093 Polkinghorne / SCIENCE AND THE TRINITY / sheet 33 of 202 THE DIALOGUE BETWEEN SCIENCE AND THEOLOGY Davies’ thinking illustrates both the possibility of a stand-alone natural theology and also its theological thinness. 29 All possible resources for insight must be drawn into play. It is not enough to recognise the significance of persons simply in terms of their self-awareness; they must also be regarded as perceivers of value and as participants in the religious encounter with the reality of the sacred.

Knight, Wrestling with the Divine, Fortress, 2001. 14 11:19 26 7093 Polkinghorne / SCIENCE AND THE TRINITY / sheet 45 of 202 THE DIALOGUE BETWEEN SCIENCE AND THEOLOGY to get an explorer satellite to Mars, though it will need to be replaced by general relativity for motion in the neighbourhood of a black hole. Science conquers territory over which it then holds permanent sway. Consequently it is synchronic in its character, able to concentrate on the contemporary state of understanding. Most humane disciplines, however, because of the complexity and subtlety of their subject matter, do not enjoy this kind of cumulative attainment.

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