Provincializing Europe by Dipesh Chakrabarty

By Dipesh Chakrabarty

Nice learn, very good research. There are a few admitted shortcomings in his collection of topic yet i feel he makes it rather transparent that he is now not being fullyyt consultant.

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Provincializing Europe departs from that statement in some important respects, but it also attempts to put into practice much of the program chalked out in that early statement. I have therefore included a version of the statement but added a short postscript to indicate how the present project uses it as a point of departure while deviating from it in significant ways. The other chapters (2–4) revolve around the question of how one might try to open up the Marxist narratives of capitalist modernity to issues of historical difference.

Third-world historians feel a need to refer to works in European history; historians of Europe do not feel any need to reciprocate. ” “They” produce their work in relative ignorance of non-Western histories, and this does not seem to affect the quality of their work. This is a gesture, however, that “we” cannot return. ” The problem, I may add in parentheses, is not particular to historians. An unselfconscious but nevertheless blatant example of this “inequality of ignorance” in literary studies, for example, is the following sentence on Salman Rushdie from a recent text on postmodernism: “Though Saleem Sinai [of Midnight’s Children] narrates in English .

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