Pro .NET 2.0 XML by Bipin Joshi

By Bipin Joshi

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Config can be overridden by using the application configuration file. NET applications, it is recommended that you alter this file with caution. Generally, only server administrators and web-hosting providers modify this file. NET Framework offers a secure environment for executing applications. It needs to check whether an assembly is trustworthy before any code in the assembly is invoked. To test the trustworthiness of an assembly, the framework checks the permission granted to it. Permissions granted to an assembly can be configured by using the security configuration files.

In international marketing from the University of Dallas in 1981. He is fluent in French and Italian and reads German. He joined the company as a sales representative, was promoted to sales manager in January 1992 and to vice president of sales in March 1993. [CDATA[Janet has a BS degree in chemistry from Boston College (1984). She has also completed a certificate program in food retailing management. book Page 44 Wednesday, February 21, 2007 9:09 PM 44 CHAPTER 2 ■ MANIPULATING XML DOCUMENTS BY USING THE DOCUMENT OBJECT MODEL The document looks almost identical to the original.

Listing 2-8. book Page 45 Wednesday, February 21, 2007 9:09 PM CHAPTER 2 ■ MANIPULATING XML DOCUMENTS BY USING THE DOCUMENT OBJECT MODEL The code calls the GetElementById() method of the XmlDocument class and passes the employee ID to look for. The GetElementById() method returns the matching element as an object of type XmlElement. Because the XmlElement class inherits from the XmlNode class, the ChildNodes collection is available to the XmlElement class also. To retrieve the values of the , , , and nodes, the ChildNodes collection is accessed by using the index of the corresponding element.

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