Poses for Artists, Volume 2: Standing Poses by Justin Martin

By Justin Martin

This booklet was once created by means of an artist who knows that typically, you simply want a artistic nudge to assist get the pencil relocating and holiday that pesky block.
By simplifying the human shape, we are hoping to take away the inevitable nervousness that includes drawing an individual, and speed-up your paintings, over the years, expanding your individual realizing of human anatomy, proportions and move.

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41 41 3/23/09 3:39:04 PM FORMS & GESTALT Gestalt is a psychological term that basically means that the mind will make a connection between separate parts and formulate a unified idea out of them because they seem to go together. In art, the gestalt principle means that a viewer sees a drawing as an object, even though not every line is present. This means that when you draw, you don’t have to delineate the whole form; just by drawing part of it, the viewer sees the whole thing. GESTALT ILLUSION Even though no lines are touching and the outside contour lines aren’t there, the mind completes the image of the zebra.

This step should be done in a short amount of time, but it shouldn’t be rushed. 40 40 2 | Basic Forms Using the gesture as a guide, define the figure’s three-dimensional volumes using the simple forms of the sphere, box and cylinder. 3/23/09 3:37:37 PM 3 | Anatomical Forms Shape and mold the basic forms into the specific forms on the model. 4 | Details Details such as clothing, tattoos and shading can only be added once the specific forms of the model are established because their shapes are wholly determined by the volumes on which they rest.

Use whatever tools you have at your disposal to capture the action with enough information that it can be developed later after the model has gone. 45 45 3/23/09 3:41:19 PM Chapter Four DRAPERY Although clothing tends to cover up the forms we discussed “So whether it’s t he look of the pers on... the clothes they wear, the mannerisms they have... those are externa ls but... ” —Joe Mantegna in the last chapter, those underlying forms are what dictate the patterns of folds as the cloth is supported and suspended over the figure.

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