Pathology and Identity: The Work of Mother Earth in Trinidad by Roland Littlewood

By Roland Littlewood

The Earth humans of Trinidad draw on Yoruba assets to say the actual strength of girl creativity. this primary new Caribbean faith when you consider that Rastafari is led through a lady, mom Earth, whose rules emerged from her adventure of a cerebral illness. the writer, Roland Littlewood, who's either a psychiatrist and a social anthropologist, deals a nonreductionist view at the dating among pathology and creativity, among the typical and the human sciences.

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40 His thesis was taken up by the science of experimental psychology whose founding father, Francis Galton, confirmed an association between 'madness and creativity' in a study of eminent Britons. 42 Recent reviews, such as that by Rothenberg, argue against any simple empirical association of innovation and insanity; he suggests however that both appear to share the cognitive ability of holding opposites simultaneously in mind, whether these contraries are propositions or spatial constructs. Extending his argument, it may be that insanity, like alcohol use, homosexuality or any other alterity, offers a double vision, simultaneously inside and outside immediate experience, and hence an interpretation of it.

For to denigrate them as insane is to deny them validity. It is to mock their followers: surely only the credulous and simple-minded could take seriously the ravings of madmen? 2 In Jamaica 13 14 Pathology and identity the wider society associated Rastafarianism with madness [and leaders were] taken to gaol on sedition or to the asylum for lunacy . . '4 The use of terms like 'mad' or 'crazy' to imply unrestrained or unreasonable action is of course common to most, perhaps all, societies. 6 Scholarly analysis or vulgar denigration?

18 A certain degree of instability The person who has attained perfection of balance in the control of his instinctive tendencies, in whom the processes of suppression and sublimation have become wholly effective, may thereby become completely adapted to his environment and attain a highly peaceful and stable existence. Such existence is not, however, the condition of exceptional accomplishment, for which there would seem to be necessary a certain degree of instability . . It may be also that, through this instability, new strength will be given to those movements which under the most varied guise express the deep craving for religion which seems to be universal (Rivers 1920: 158) among Mankind.

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