Orthopedic Manual Therapy. An Evidence-Based Approach by Chad Cook

By Chad Cook

Обследование, диагностика и лечение. Каждая процедура представлена ​​шаг за шагом с фотографией.

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The model ignores many traditionalistic assessment methods commonly used in manual therapy. As such, perfect, provides the greatest validity for evidence-based assessment in manual therapy. Additionally, this model, when performed in a sequential and specific manner, pro­ vides a rigorous system of what amounts to data collection and processing that is used to guide the clinician through a logical treatment format. In In a situation in which the patient and the clinician work together, the consequence of the assessment is irrefutable.

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2. Outline the weaknesses of the discussed manual ther­ apy areas and how they could alter assessment. cuitously. 5. Describe how the pathological- and impairment-based 3. Outline the strengths of selected manual therapy areas assessment models can fit together. Define the role of the diagnostic label in manual therapy. and discuss how they lead to pertinent assessment. References 1. Farrell],]ensen G. Manual therapy: a critical assess­ 10. Cookson], Kent B. Orthopedic manual therapy-an ment of role in the professional of physical therapy.

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