Of Golden Manes and Silvery Faces: The Partheneion 1 of by Kyriakos Tsantsanoglou

By Kyriakos Tsantsanoglou

Ever because the papyrus containing Alcman´s Partheneion used to be first released in 1863, classical students have strived to unravel its enigma. This e-book provides a verse-by-verse statement to the textual content with a few new proposals in response to an in depth inspection of the papyrus. The Scholia to the Partheneion, the place a variety of new readings are made, enormously elucidate the composition of the refrain, the variety of its contributors, the id of the protagonist ladies, the social context, in addition to questions of functionality. a brand new version of the Partheneion and the Scholia is on the market on the finish, with a translation of the poem.

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Wouldn’t it, then, be odd to claim that the singer does not omit to sing the praise of the brothers, because (γάρ) they had been defeated by three supreme deities? Would it not be more reasonable to claim that the brothers would be praised, because, for instance, in their short lifetime they derived guidance and strength from these noble deities? Wouldn’t they be credited with the virtues connected with theses deities? , righteous (honourable), resourceful (ingenious, inventive), and brave (courageous, valiant) – qualities stereotypically used to characterize outstanding young men.

The unconventional Socratic Πόρος as father of Ἔρως and the use of πόριμος in Pl. Symp. 23 Aisa and Poros, then, might stand here for divine planning and divine dispensing of fortunes, respectively. However, if these entities have preplanned the death of the Hippocoontidae, Alce could be the entity necessary to achieve what they have predetermined. -Apollodorus and other sources, Heracles is the killer of the brothers, and so, in Alcman’s reasoning, he might be the instrument 21 Cf. Epich. fr. -A.

By Page). However, the popular wit is manifest in this instance: ‘Do not aspire to have the Graces minister to your homes. ’ 22–35 25 ]τάτοι ]τ̣α δαίμων ]ι φίλοις ]ωκε δῶρα ]γαρέον ]ώλεσ᾽ ἥβα 31 Hsch. ν 416 Νηρεύς· θαλάσσιος δαίμων. Ἀλκμὰν καὶ Πόρκον ὀνομάζει. Calame ̣ ̣ ̣́ ( ̣)κώ̣ (app. cr. σ̣ ̣ ̣ ̣́ κὼ vel π ̣ ´̣ ρ̣κὼ); Hutchinson ̣ ̣ ̣κω. However, π ´̣ ρκὼ may be considered certain in the papyrus. ), and are by no means desirable for bride candidates. 32 Oreads, though implied in Hes. fr. 19 as Ὀρειάδες, and occur in Roman poetry (Verg.

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