Never Kissed Goodnight: A Leigh Koslow Mystery by Edie Swihart

By Edie Swihart

Leigh's cousin Cara used to be by no means informed the genuine cause as to why her father deserted her. yet regardless of a life-time puzzling over, she has no cause to hook up with the daddy she by no means knew with the truth that her once-doting husband is unexpectedly mendacity to her-much much less the lurking probability that threatens their very own younger son. however the connection is genuine, and Leigh isn't approximately to be swept up in the course of it... even if she desires to or not!"A properly twisted tale.. mild examining for a quiet evening."-I love a Mystery"A well-paced, solidly plotted mystery."--Mystery Reader

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She could also see that it was a fool's errand, to say the least. But saying no to relatives in need had never been her forte. "I want you to follow Gil. See where he goes, who he talks to. I can't do it myself; he'll be looking for me. But he won't be looking for you—I'll convince him everything's okay when I get home. " Leigh exhaled uncomfortably. " Cara shook her head. "I told you—I tried that. " She paused, and her lower lip quivered slightly. "I don't want to think it might be—" The calm, detached demeanor she had been fighting to keep finally crumbled, and her eyes teared up with a vengeance.

Leigh blinked. " "He was intentionally vague," Gil continued soberly. "But he was hinting that Lydie had some deep dark secret, something that could ruin her—and possible Cara's—lives. " His eyes slid up to Leigh's expectantly, but hers remained suitably blank. " she asked defensively. "Of course I've never heard of anything. Lydie's an angel and an open book besides. " Gil rose and groaned in frustration. "There must be something, Leigh," he said quietly, his voice turning grave. " Blood rushed quickly up into Leigh's face, and her cheeks burned.

The older woman's brow furrowed, and she leaned over to peer down the street in the direction Leigh was walking. " Mrs. Snodgrass's powers of observation came as no surprise. For the last forty years she'd been a one-woman neighborhood watch patrol, and she did a darned good job of it, too—having thwarted more than one would-be burglar and rescued several children from abuse. But though Mrs. Snodgrass knew everyone and everything that happened on the street, no one considered her a snoop. Because in addition to having a good heart, she had the good sense to know when to keep her mouth shut.

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