Meaning in Life, Volume 1: The Creation of Value (Irving by Irving Singer

By Irving Singer

An acclaimed thinker perspectives the hunt for that means in lifestyles because the look for a style of creativity that would make our lives significant.

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But that term also clarification. There are two primary senses of the word tha losophy. One, which may be cons been used in Western "idealist," derives fro ato; the other we may call "prag The idealist sense is best exemplified by Plato's description of e Timaeus. - Good presiding over all other o maintains that contemplation the inquisitive soul beyond the reason can we envision the ultimate form, which he sometimes calls the Beautiful as well as the Good. lato is saying not only that the world itself is purposeful, but also that activities within the world become more fully purposeful by e oying reason and contemplation to realize the best that is attain The implications of this approach can be illustrated by touching on a problem in aesthetics.

As a way of alleviating this mental agony, Tolstoy turned to e questions that tormented tematically avoids matters all persuasive arguments in have no meaning. Studying the greatest thinkers of the past-he mentions Socrates, Schopenhauer, Solomon (Ecclesiastes), and uddha-he felt that they merely confirmed his own negative c elusions. They too seemed oal beyond itself, that convinced that life is ite the many ca existence, we should welcome death as a release from the sheer futility of everything.

This ques relevance to an observable purpose in life. "; " of these sentences is nonsense. coherent logical form, and is therefore not really a question. To take it seriously is to waste one's energy. Should we not say the same about putative questions about the purpose of life? Despite eguiling arrangement of their grammar, are they not equally nonsensical? This linguistic argument seems very powerful to me. We have often observed purposes in the world, and we know what someone he raises questions about a particular ut though we are immersed in the cosmos, it that we can have experience of the cosmos as a whole.

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