Matter & Method by R. Harré (auth.)

By R. Harré (auth.)

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By means of the single relation 'temporal precedence' we can, in principle, order uniquely all individuals and properties that have existed, do or will exist. By means of the three relations 'to the left of' 'in front of' and 'above' we can completely order all individuals and properties which exist at any given time. What we cannot do with the three spatial relations is order individuals and properties uniquely, for the choice oforigin and orientation for a spatial framework is arbitrary. It is perhaps MATTER AND METHOD worth noticing that though the single temporal relation gives a unique ordering of events (relativity has nothing to do with order), there is no unique temporal metric, for any set of event pairs can be chosen as the fundamental or standard regularity and hence as the basis for a time metric.

This has been true of recent advances in physics where the oddness relative both to perceived things and to Newtonian material objects of the entities stumbled upon or postulated in accordance with the demands of phenomena, has led to quite ridiculous rulings out of existence that would take the whole world with them. EXISTENTIAL CONTRASTS The contrast between the real and the unreal is not necessarily identical in all contexts with that between the existent and the non-existent. This we have already remarked.

Gave the following answer: A. (3) Matter is such that it has a Potentiality for Form. In the second part of this study we shall be concerned with an example, which stretches more or less over three centuries. s. in so far as it concerned changes in the concept of matter, in opposition to that of Aristotle. s. s. of a period does not appear from nowhere as the pure invention of scientists and philosophers, but is the result of a certain selection from experience. s. employs concepts from biology and art, but not from warfare, ship-building, mathematics, architecture or politics.

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