Math into LATEX: An Introduction to LATEX and AMS-LATEX by George Grätzer (auth.)

By George Grätzer (auth.)

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This is how you type the last sentence: The source file is made up of \emph{text}, \emph{math} (for instance, $\sqrt{5}$), and \emph{instructions} to \LaTeX. In this sentence, The source file is made up of \emph{text}, \emph{math} (for instance, is text, $\sqrt{5}$ is math, and 4 Chapter 1 Typing your first article \emph{text} is an instruction (a command). TEX; this particular command, \emph, emphasizes text given as its ar;gument (between the braces). Another kind of instruction is called an environment.

Van Nostrand, Princeton-Toronto-London-Mel\-bourne, 1968. \bibitem{eM57} Ernest-T. -H. Stone}, Acta Math. Acad. Sci. Hungar. \textbf{8} (1957), 455--460. \bibitem{eM57a} Ernest-T. Moynahan, \emph{Ideals and congruence relations in lattices. II}, Magyar Tud. Akad. Mat. Fiz. Oszt. K\"{o}zl. \textbf{9} (1957), 417--434. \end{thebibliography} At the end of the body, the bibliography is typed between the lines \begin{thebibliography}{9} \end{thebibliography} The argument "9" of the the bibliography environment tells IbTEX to make room for single digit numbering, since in this article there arc fewer than 10 articles.

C/:. u', B-y ~ u'} \[ \Gamma_{u'} = \{\, \gamma \mid \gamma < 2\chi, \ B_{\alpha} \nsubseteq u', \ B_{\gamma} \subseteq u' \,\} \] See Appendix A for a complete listing of Greek letters. The \nsubseteq command requires the amssymb package. Fonnula 6 \mathbb gives the Blackboard bold math alphabet (available only in uppercase) : \[ A = B-{2} \times \mathbb{Z} \] Blackboard bold requires the amsfonts package. TE,X to size the parentheses correctly (relative to the size of the symbols in the parentheses).

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