Mastering TypoScript: Typo3 Website, Template, and Extension by Daniel Koch

By Daniel Koch

TypoScript is a declarative programming language that gives builders, directors, and architects complete regulate over the configuration of TYPO3 and its template engine. basically with an excellent command of TypoScript are you able to leverage the robust features of the TYPO3 engine, to customise and regulate all points of your TYPO3 websites. if you are occupied with TYPO3 as your content material platform, you want to grasp TypoScript. This e-book is appropriate for TYPO3 builders, directors, and architects who are looking to increase absolutely featured TYPO3 web pages utilizing the facility of TypoScript. A uncomplicated wisdom of TYPO3 is predicted, and Hypertext Preprocessor and MySQL programming event comes in handy, although no longer crucial for utilizing this ebook.

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The BICYCLE object is represented as follows: [ 22 ] Chapter 2 TYPO3 has a number of built-in objects, for example, the HRULER object, which outputs a horizontal line. The properties of HRULER are lineThickness and lineColor. 20 { lineThickness = 10 lineColor = #000000 } The third line creates a TypoScript object of the type HRULER. The following lines set this object's properties. ) In summary, the following general syntax can be used for objects: [Object] . [Property] [Operator] [Value] Let's take a closer look at the syntax of the Hello World!

This is because each object and its properties can be addressed using a path. This path always consists of the objects and properties that are superordinate to the object. The individual elements of a path are separated by a dot. Copying Objects and Properties TypoScript code can be shortened by copying objects and properties using the < operator. This operator copies entire object trees. To understand this, look at the following code, which will cause the text Hello World! value = Hello World!

The following message, however, is rarer: When this error message appears all the time in the front end you have to create a template before any content can be displayed. In Chapter 5 you will learn how this works, what template inheritance is, and what peculiarities you need to be aware of when creating templates. TYPO3 offers ready-made templates to make your work easier for most areas of application. You don't have to develop a new template each time you want to create a link, for example. However, the focus in this book is on the development of your own templates.

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