Marks of His Wounds: Gender Politics and Bodily Resurrection by Beth Felker Jones

By Beth Felker Jones

It's a primary guideline of Christian theology that we are going to be resurrected in bodies on the final day. yet we've got been conditioned, writes Beth Felker Jones, to think about salvation as being approximately something however the physique. we predict that what God wishes for us has to do with our options, our hearts, or our inside relationships. In well known piety and educational theology alike, powerful spiritualizing developments impact our notion of the physique. traditionally, a few theologians have denigrated the physique as a disadvantage to sanctification. This inspiration is deeply complex for feminist ethics, which facilities on embodiment. Jones's goal is to plot a theology of the physique that's suitable with feminist politics. Human creatures has to be understood as psychosomatic unities, she says, on analogy with the union of Christ's human and divine natures. She deals shut readings of Augustine and Calvin to discover a greater means of talking approximately physique and soul that's consonant with the doctrine of physically resurrection. She addresses a number of very important questions: What does human psychosomatic team spirit suggest for the theological conceptualization of embodied distinction, specially gendered distinction? How does embodied wish remodel our current physically practices? How does God's momentous "yes" to the physique, within the Incarnation, either pass judgement on and wreck the corrupt methods now we have concept, produced, developed, or even damaged our bodies in our tradition, specially our bodies marked by way of race and gender?

Jones's ebook articulates a theology of human embodiment in mild of resurrection doctrine and feminist political issues. via examining Augustine and Calvin, she issues to assets for knowing the physique in a fashion that coheres with the doctrine of the resurrection of the flesh. Jones proposes a grammar within which human psychosomatic team spirit turns into the conceptual foundation for sanctification. utilizing gender for example, she interrogates the variation resurrection doctrine makes for holiness. simply because loss of life has been conquer in Christ's resurrected physique, human embodiment can undergo witness to the Triune God. The physically resurrection is smart of bodies, of what they're and what they're for.

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909). It is right love, love of that good that is precisely not private or individual that defines the holy city. To quote a well-known passage: Two cities, then, have been created by two loves: that is, the earthly by love of self extending even to contempt of God, and the heavenly by love of God extending to contempt of self. The one, therefore, glories in itself, the other in the Lord; the one seeks glory from men, the other finds its highest glory in God. 632) the body ordered 31 The overarching argument of the work Augustine composed over so many years involves the ordering of that loving that will finally make holy both individuals and the city that is the very Body of Christ.

We hear of an Augustine who never fully converted to Christianity, remaining instead Manichean or Platonic. We hear of an Augustine who authored, for better or worse depending on who is claiming him, a brand of interiority that pressed us, seemingly ineluctably, to Descartes’s cogito. Related to all these strands of Augustine interpretation, we hear of an Augustine whose theology is inadequately grounded in Christology, a man for whom philosophy always took precedence over the incarnate God. ’’18 My exegesis above has already called these readings into question, but I want to specifically address them here to direct attention once again to the Augustine I have been pointing to all along: a man who never looked at his own body without conflict but who, nonetheless, 40 marks of his wounds allowed his reception of and into the body of Christ to redefine his thinking and teaching on the topic.

This gender show is performed in interaction with culture, the almost inevitable result of power. For Butler, the practice of drag is really indicative of the status of all gender. While dressing in drag is a subversive display of gender, which calls the natural status of gender into question, all gender involves costume and character. Butler questions the connections between bodies, gender, and desire, connections that are usually assumed to be natural. She deconstructs the sexed body itself. This body is malleable.

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