Manual of Nerve Conduction Study and Surface Anatomy for by Hang J. Lee MD, Joel A. DeLisa MD MS

By Hang J. Lee MD, Joel A. DeLisa MD MS

This handbook is a realistic, illustrated how-to consultant to the right kind options and electrode placements for universal nerve conduction reports. the 1st part describes every one nerve conduction learn, together with placement of electrodes, usual electromyography gear settings, general values, and pearls and pitfalls. the second one part offers exact assurance of floor anatomy for needle electromyography and indicates the place to put the needles for every muscle. greater than 2 hundred transparent photos reveal right placement of needle electrodes. Chapters in every one part stick to a constant series and are written in define structure to aid readers locate info fast.

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61 ulnaris tendon. The E1 recording electrode is placed 8 to 10 cm distal to the above noted midpoint on the line drawn. • E2 The E2 reference electrode is attached 4 cm distal to the E1 active electrode. Stimulation The cathode is placed 2 to 4 cm extended proximally from the midpoint as it is described, over the medial aspect of the biceps muscle. For stimulation, care must be taken to use a low-intensity current, use a short duration of pulse, and apply light pressure to the cathode. Otherwise, the median and ulnar nerves that are located nearby can be easily coactivated.

57 Radial Nerve Sensory Conduction Studies: Superficial Radial Nerve Recording Sites: Anatomic snuffbox area recording (Fig. 3-28) 46 47 Figure 3-28. Superficial radial nerve conduction study. Recording electrode placements • E1 The surface electrode is placed in the anatomic snuffbox, which is bordered by the tendons of the extensor pollicis longus and brevis and the distal margin of the radius at the wrist. • E2 The E2 electrode is attached on the lateral side of the second metacarpal bone. Stimulation The superficial radial nerve courses along the lateral border of the radius with the radial artery in the volar aspect of the forearm.

3 Tibialis Anterior (Fig. 4-5B) • E1 The E1 electrode is placed on the belly of tibialis anterior, 8 cm distal to the fibular neck stimulation point. • E2 The E2 electrode is positioned over the tibialis anterior tendon at the ankle. 59 60 Peroneus Longus • E1 The E1 electrode is placed on a point on the proximal one-third of the peroneous longus/fibula, 8 cm distal to the fibular neck stimulation point. • E2 The E2 electrode is placed over the peroneus longus tendon at the ankle. Stimulation Sites • Fibular neck, below fibular head.

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