Making Schooling Relevant for the Global Age, Fulfilling Our by R. D. Nordgren

By R. D. Nordgren

In Making education correct for the worldwide Age, R.D. Nordgren, Ph.D. contends that America's faculties are failing to arrange our kids for the worldwide economic climate in addition to failing to boost electorate keen and in a position to maintaining the kind of democracy essential to coexist within the international Village. our colleges are, in reality, industrial-age relics. some time past twenty years, K-12 education reforms have resulted in the responsibility circulate and the next criteria move that experience sought to bribe and punish colleges into doing "more of an analogous" rather than generating world-class educations for our youngsters. to ensure that education to develop into correct within the worldwide age, the presently used curricula, educating thoughts, and college constructions must be discarded; and extra vital, the best way we predict approximately faculties and education needs to switch. In essence, a especially various version of education should be conceptualized and applied around the U.S. In Making education appropriate for the worldwide Age, Nordgren deals this sort of version established, partially, on education he saw in Sweden; one who is supported through pertinent social, monetary, and academic study. the worldwide age of moving nationwide obstacles and fiscal affects calls for a brand new set of abilities or qualities for its electorate and its staff. those needs to be fostered in our colleges if our kingdom is to supply its individuals with the possibilities to achieve the post-industrial economic system in addition to make us a version of social justice to be emulated via the remainder of the realm.

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The adults were educated for the industrial age and, I should add, if Americ‘an adults completed compulsory schooling after 1955, their education was obsolete even upon graduation, if Toffler’s timing of the end of the industrial age is correct. To take schools back to a “golden age” is ludicrous, considering the past was not golden. Unfortunately, it is this dream of a golden age that is holding schools back. Organized labor can be added to this list of reactionaries longing for better days gone by.

Or in our homes with our family to prove we are worthy of being a family member? How about in our community to prove that we are worthy of being in that Community? One can see the absurdity of this constant testing. Contrary to what it may seem, I am not against all testing. I actually feel that some testing is very useful for teachers to help in determining students’ needs. The problem I have with testing is when it becomes high stakes, used as a weapon (and not a tool) for the teacher and the parents.

They would also need to gain a deep understanding of what the students are likesomething that is impossible in the factory-style school structures that exist where secondary, and even many intermediate-level elementary, teachers have 100 to 150 or more students. Even if we were to restructure schools so that teachers could actually get to know their students, how could we come up with the quantitative 42 Chapter 2 data that would get the attention of the media? , dropout percentages, proficiency test failure percentages, the absurd grading of public schools).

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