Machine Interpretation of Line Drawing Images: Technical by Sergey Ablameyko PhD, DSc, Prof, FIEE, FIAPR, SMIEEE, Tony

By Sergey Ablameyko PhD, DSc, Prof, FIEE, FIAPR, SMIEEE, Tony Pridmore BSc, PhD (auth.)

Line drawing interpretation is a tough quarter with huge, immense sensible power. at the present, many businesses through the international make investments quite a lot of cash and human source within the enter of paper drawings into pcs. The expertise had to produce a picture of a drawing is broadly to be had, however the transformation of those pictures into extra worthwhile kinds is an energetic box of study and improvement. Machine Interpretation of Line Drawing Images
- describes the speculation and perform underlying the pc interpretation of line drawing photos and
- indicates how line drawing interpretation structures could be developed.
The authors express what percentage of the issues could be tackled and supply a radical review of the procedures underpinning the translation of pictures of line drawings.

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This criterion broadly takes into account the financial costs incurred when replacing an existing manual system and reducing and/or retraining staff. • The fmal representation should contain the maximum possible information about the input drawing while at the same time occupying the minimum possible data volume. There is clearly a trade-off here, the solution to which will depend upon the information content of the drawing and the environment and application for which drawing interpretation is required.

Regardless of drawing type, the data structures containing universal entity descriptions will typically be connected together in some way to provide a coherent representation of the input drawing. This is done either physically by storing shared co-ordinates within different entity descriptions or logically by one entity making explicit reference to others. However it is achieved, a universal entity level description of an input line drawing is a rich data structure containing much useful information which may be employed in the execution of a variety of drawing-related tasks.

We shall return to this topic in Chapters 8-11. 1 Scanning Devices In the wider field of image processing and analysis the most common source of greylevel images is the CCD (Charge-Coupled Device) camera. This quite closely resembles a standard photographic camera; a lens at the front of the unit focuses light from the viewed environment onto a light sensitive surface within the camera body. In photography that surface is a section of photographic film. In CCD cameras, film is replaced by a rectangular array of light sensitive cells.

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