K-Theory and C*-Algebras: a friendly approach by N.E. Wegge-Olsen

By N.E. Wegge-Olsen

K-theory is usually thought of a classy mathematical idea for experts simply. This publication is an available advent to the fundamentals and gives special reasons of a few of the techniques required for a deeper knowing of the topic. a few familiarity with easy C*algebra concept is believed. The ebook then follows a cautious development and research of the operator K-theory teams and facts of the result of K-theory, together with Bott periodicity. Of particular curiosity to algebraists and geometrists, the booklet goals to provide complete guideline. No info are disregarded within the presentation and plenty of instructive and generously hinted routines are supplied. except K-theory, this e-book bargains entire and self contained expositions of vital complicated C*-algebraic structures like tensor items, multiplier algebras and Hilbert modules.

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Then R is a -Noetherian ring. 4]). R/ D 1 and R has infinitely many maximal ideals. C/K 2 H is a -Noetherian ring with Krull dimension one which is not a Noetherian ring. C/Q is a -Noetherian ring with Krull dimension one which is not a Noetherian ring (where Z is the set of all integer numbers with quotient field Q). 5]). Let R be a Noetherian domain with quotient field K and Krull dimension n 2. C/K 2 H is a -Noetherian ring with Krull dimension n which is not a Noetherian ring. C/K is a -Noetherian ring with Krull dimension n which is not a Noetherian ring.

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