Just In Time Algebra (Just in Time Series) by LearningExpress Editors

By LearningExpress Editors

This Cram sequence serves the reader who must evaluate and study particular fabric in a brief time period for the aim of passing a big attempt, equivalent to an go out examination, admissions attempt, vocational examination, or certification examination. In ten streamlined chapters, readers examine the basics of algebra and realize time saving examine abilities and crucial test-taking thoughts. every one bankruptcy has particular positive aspects designed to make learning speedy and effective, together with tips about dealing with a number of selection questions, utilizing a calculator, and simple to recollect phrases, ideas, and shortcuts.

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Add 32 to both sides of the equation; x – 32 + 32 = 32 + 32; x = 64. 22. d. To solve for w, divide both sides by l; ᎏAlᎏ = ᎏlwlᎏ. The variable w is now alone; ᎏAlᎏ = w. Remember, this is the same result as w = ᎏAlᎏ. 23. c. To get the variable a alone, divide both sides of the equation by c 7ab ᎏ ᎏᎏ 7b; ᎏ 7b = 7b . Both 7b’s on the left side cancel, leaving only a; a = ᎏ7cᎏb . Team-LRN N U M B E R P R O P E RTI E S AN D E Q UATI O N S O LVI N G 37 24. b. To get j alone, first subtract h from both sides of the equation.

A good place to start is the set {0, 1, and 2}. x y ϭ 2x Ϫ 1 y 0 1 2 Take each x-value and substitute for x in the equation y = 2x – 1. x y ϭ 2x Ϫ 1 y 0 2(0) –1 –1 1 2(1) –1 1 2 2(2) –1 3 Each pair of x- and y-values form a point that can be plotted on a coordinate grid to form the line y = 2x – 1. This is shown in the figure below. Team-LRN 50 J U ST I N TI M E ALG E B R A " SHORTCUT A quick way to graph linear equations is to use y = mx + b form. ◗ Slope-Intercept Form of Linear Equations Linear graphing can also be done another way by using the slope-intercept form of the equation.

10 12. Solve the equation for h: ᎏ3hᎏ + 9 = –18. a. –81 b. –15 c. –9 d. 9 e. 81 13. Solve the equation for a: 6a + 9a = 90. a. 5 b. 3 c. 6 d. 10 e. 30 14. Solve the equation for x: –20x – 8x + 1 = 57. a. –2 b. –7 c. 2 d. 7 e. 2 Team-LRN 31 32 J U ST I N TI M E ALG E B R A 15. Solve the equation for x: 3x – 8 = 5x. a. 1 b. 2 c. –2 d. –4 e. 4 16. Solve the equation for a: 9a + 12 = 6a – 12. a. –8 b. –6 c. 4 d. 6 e. 8 17. Solve the equation for p: 9p + 12 – 6p + 2 = 14. a. 4 b. 1ᎏ115ᎏ c. 3 d. 0 e.

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