Josephus: Jewish Antiquities by Josephus, Ralph Marcus

By Josephus, Ralph Marcus

Josephus, soldier, statesman, historian, was once a Jew born at Jerusalem approximately 37 CE. a guy of excessive descent, he early grew to become discovered in Jewish legislations and Greek literature and was once a Pharisee. After pleading in Rome the reason for a few Jewish clergymen he back to Jerusalem and in sixty six attempted to avoid riot opposed to Rome, handling for the Jews the affairs of Galilee. within the issues which he made his peace with Vespasian. current on the siege of Jerusalem via Titus, he got favours from those as emperors and from Domitian and assumed their relatives identify Flavius. He died after 97.

As a ancient resource Josephus is important. His significant works are: heritage of the Jewish warfare , in seven books, from one hundred seventy BCE to his personal time, first written in Aramaic yet translated through himself into the Greek we've got; and Jewish Antiquities , in twenty books, from the production of the area to sixty six CE. The Loeb Classical Library variation of the works of Josephus additionally comprises the autobiographical lifestyles and his treatise opposed to Apion .

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Vat. ROM : Hudson : TropaSwaovr' avrovs irapaSwaovras S : irapaSuiaov JEWISH ANTIQUITIES, IX. 30-33 sheep" with their wool. And so, collecting his own force, he sent to Josaphat, asking him, since he had from the first been his father's friend, to be his ally in the war which he was about to wage on the Moabites who had revolted from his rule. * And Joram, after receiving such assurances of assistance from Josaphat, took his army and came to Jerusalem and was splendidly entertained by the king of Jerusalem " it was then decided by them to make their advance upon the enemy through the wilderness of Idumaea, for these would not expect them to attack by this road.

Some Jewish commentators assume that the dung was used for fuel. ** ' ' in walking around which says merely that This explanation of Jehoram's motives the walls is an addition to Scripture, " as he was walking by on the wall, a woman cried out," etc. 35 JOSEPHUS yvvaLKos " SeCTTTora^ iXerjOov " vo/XLoag alreli' ti fxeXXeiv avr-qv tcDj' irpos rpo(f)rjv, opytadelg eTrrjpd- aaro avrjj rov deov Kal fi-^re dXcDS^ avro) /xTjre Xrjvovs VTrdpx^LV eAeyev, odev ri /cat Trapdaxoi, au^ rrjs 8' ovSevog fiev tovtojv xpfl^^'-^ ouS' ivoxXelv Tpo(f>i]g eveKa, KpidrjpaL 8' d^iova'qs Trpos dXXr]v yvvaiKa, KeXevaavros Xeyeiv 65 avrfj h€op,evrj.

Heb. " if the Lord made windows in heaven," lxx Cf. Lxx Targum JEWISH ANTIQUITIES, IX. 73-76 of the third dinsion,* who was a friend of the king and who was just then supporting the king as he leaned on him, said, " Incredible are the things you And, as impossible as it is prophet. <»' There 0*11*1*. told by Elisha came to pass in this manner. *^ Now there were four men who for this reason were dwelling before the gates but, as no one any longer brought food out to them because of the extremity of the famine, and as they were prevented by law from entering the city, they reflected that even if it were permitted them to enter they would perish miserably through the famine, and that they would suff"er the same fate if they remained there, and so they decided to give themselves up to the enemy, in the hope that if these spared their lives they would be able to live, and that if they were put to death they would die without Having firmly agreed on this suffering greatly.

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