Jerome: Select Letters (Loeb Classical Library No. 262) by Jerome, Frederic Adam Wright (ed.)

By Jerome, Frederic Adam Wright (ed.)

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8. Rogo, quae est ista securitas? Impendentem non timet mortem, laetatur percussa, carnifex pallet oculi gladium non videntes tantum fibulam vident et, ne parum praestabat tertius esset, quod non formidabat interitum, beneficium ictus : s acr saevienti. amen tum lam igitur frustraverat et trinitatis. lam speculator exterritus et non credens ferro mucro- nem aptabat in iugulum, ut, qui secare non poterat, saltim premente manu corpori inaudita res saeculis et velut ! conderetur : —ad capulum gladius dominum suum O omnibus reflectitur, victus aspiciens confessus est non posse.

33 SELECT LETTERS OF patrem militiam deseram, sepulturam Christi cui quam etiam omnibus causa non debeo, debeo Paulus retinentibus fratribus, ne fuit. ' umquam aliquem * devorare quaerens Sedet in insidiis respiciunt; in spelunca sua ; circuit, cum ; te si tamquam Adversarius noster ut interficiat innocentem pauperem Erras, frater, Christianum persecutionem nunc cum maxime oppugnaris, pacem putas ? occultis, si ais, oppugnari nescis. ' non pati; et Quid sed mori in Hierusalem paratus nomine est ' : meum?

388) consecrated bishop of that see; often referred to by Jerome (Letters III, IV, V, and XV) ; also by Basil, Letter CXXXVIII. ' The odium of such an action sent the executioner away in confusion, and the woman was secretly cared for indoors. Finally, lest the doctor's frequent visits to the church should give rise to suspicion, she had her hair cut short, and in company with some virgins was sent to a lonely house in the country. There for a little time she put on men's clothes until the scars formed over her wound.

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