Islamic Faith in America by James A. Beverley

By James A. Beverley

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They all made jokes and they said that you look funny. You ran into the bathroom and your friends began to scoff,  Isl amic Faith in Americ a After that encounter you had planned to take it off, But then you thought how much Allah likes how you’re dressin’. Pleasin’ him was top priority to you no question. You walk right out of the bathroom with a super-strong conviction. You realized in this world we Muslims have a mission! Muslims in Hollywood Hollywood films have not been particularly kind to Muslims, who are often portrayed as terrorists, or simply as backward and uneducated.

The events of September 11 have had a direct or indirect impact on every American. The effects on Muslims in America are still being felt and will take many years to fully understand, as we will examine in more detail in chapter 5. The Complex American Muslim Reality As American Muslims survey their own history in America, they face a complex reality: the impact of slavery, the emergence of unusual forms of Islam in America, the power of traditional Islam, and the ideological pressures created by the world events.

My grandchildren live here. So I want security for this country, America. ” Akkad is currently trying to make a film about the life of Saladin, the 12th-century Muslim ruler of Egypt, Palestine, Syria, and Yemen who fought against the Christian Crusaders. Saladin was hailed by allies and enemies alike for his chivalry and military skills. Sean Connery has already signed on to play the lead role. “Saladin exactly portrays Islam,” Akkad says. “Right now, Islam is portrayed as a terrorist religion.

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