Intrinsic Geometry of Surfaces by A D Aleksandrov, V A Zalgaller, J M Danskin

By A D Aleksandrov, V A Zalgaller, J M Danskin

Publication via A D Aleksandrov, V A Zalgaller

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Hedlung: Endomorphisms and automorphisms of the shift dynamical systems, Math. Syst. E. Hutchinson-: Fractals and selfsimilarity, Indiana Math. , 30 (1981), 713-747 [JUE91] H. -O. Peitgen, D. E. Kummer: Uber die Ergiinzungssiitze zu den allgemeinen Reciprocitiitsgesetzen, J. reine. angew. Math. 44(1852), 93-146. [MAN82] B. H. , New York, 1982 [MAN85] B. Mandelbrot, Y. Gefen, A. Aharony, J. Peyriere: Fractals, their transfer matrices and their eigen-dimensional sequences, J. Phys. A: Math. , 18 (1985), 335-354 [MAR84] O.

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