Interconnectedness and the Individual: New Research by Nicole S. Porter, Nancy Bothne, Visit Amazon's Leonard Jason

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Without dichotomizing the community and the individual, it could be argued that it is not the right of a given woman to have access to healthcare, but rather the responsibility of the community to provide all women with access to effective health care. Perhaps we need to begin to speak in terms of “social responsibilities” as opposed to “individual rights”. It could be argued that we need to expand our understanding of human rights, viewing them from the perspective of interconnectedness and as inclusive of the values of egalitarianism, humanitarianism, and social responsibility, rather than individual entitlements.

A Yale study tracing the American breeding movement indicates that large scale state sanctioned sterilizations were carried out in the United States throughout much of this century. Beginning with the first state eugenics law in Indiana in 1907, 27 states employed forced sterilizations which continued until the 60’s, and were ended as a result of successful court challenges fueled by the civil rights movements. It is untrue, despite modern assumptions that American eugenics was on the decline during the 1920s.

1999). As use becomes transferred and firing of the area occurs during other neural processes, stimulation of the area associated with the missing limb leads to the experience that the limb is still attached. These differential processes occur in different neuronal configuration between healthy individuals. In fMRI of musicians, blood flow associated with the neuronal activity in what is considered the auditory cortex is higher than those who are untrained (Elbert, Pantev, Wienbruch, Rockstroh & Taub, 1995).

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