In the Shadow of the Shaman (Llewellyn's New World by Amber Wolfe

By Amber Wolfe

Mixing historic shamanistic knowledge with smooth non secular traditions, Amber Wolfe is helping readers forge their very own own connection to shamanic worlds. This advisor to shamanism— jam-packed with examples of guided trips, secrets and techniques of shamanic divination, visualization concepts, therapeutic practices, spells, rituals, and recipes—provides all one must start dancing within the shadow of the shaman.

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Try to remember the trickster of the South, Coyote Spirit. Don't take everything as being profound or significant. That is a side road on your path. If something unusual happens in your environment, look for its source on the concrete, everyday level first. You'll save your energy that way. I once had white feathers appear floating in the sky, just out of my reach.! had been doing a solitary pipe ceremony, so I was certain these feathers had some great significance. I knew that feathers meant communication or messages, but I couldn't find out anything beyond that.

In this chapter I have included two systems that I find very helpful. The first, Nature Color Messages, is adapted from several color systems. I find that a color is very helpful to many people. Perhaps a color has a strong personal meaning to you that is different from any meaning you find in a system. As always, please use your personal Sacred Messages/ 23 reaction as your guide to the message of the totem. You may also use this color system as a guide to locating totems to help you. For example, if you want to strengthen your intuitive gifts, you can seek blue totems, such as flowers, stones, or even pieces of glass that carry a color energy as well.

I spent quite a long time there, completely undisturbed. I was trying to puzzle out the events of the evening before. I was trying to understand this dance that I seemed to be doing with the jaguar. I had found my jaguar rattle shortly before this trip and had felt its deep significance then. Still, I was very resistant. I feared that this connection came from the current popularity of jaguar medicine and the writings about it. I had shown my jaguar rattle to a medicine teacher I work with just before we left for the Yucatan.

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